Show Me Your Buns

Casey’s Crossing (Casey’s Public Ice House)  My vote for BEST BURGER!

It’s been a long time since I’ve visited this place and I think they’ve even had a name change.  Yelp calls it Casey’s Pub, and I’ve also seen it referred to as Casey’s Public Ice House.  I was there in 07.  I didn’t have any reason to believe I’d ever be back in Holliston, MA so I didn’t make an effort to take my own pictures or any video.  At the time, I was sent up to Holliston to train some people at a small partner company we had in the area called Cognizant.  My coworker (who had previously been up in Holliston before) recommended a place nearby that we could have lunch.

Since I’ve decided to start doing this Show Me Your Buns thing, I needed to do some research to refresh my memory.  The menu MAY have changed.  But the burger I had was definitely the Casey Burger.  At the time they served home made kettle potato chips which is what I had with my burger, those don’t appear on the current menu so there have been some changes.  But as far as burgers go, this was world-class.

Casey Burger  8.50

Topped with our own house steak sauce, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles

Your Mom’s Burger Bar - Austin, TX

Glen,Worm and I went to Your Mom’s Burger Bar in Austin, TX (located at 1701 E. Cesar Chavez St. 474-6667,  on Saturday night, on a recommendation by Glen’s wife Dana.  This place is “AUSTIN” if I can use that as an adjective. Or.. how bout this… It’s very “Alice in Chains”… that would be another good way to describe the feel.  Anyway, the burgers are stuffed with cheese, meat and other assorted goodies.  As a baseline I had the regular cheeseburger and it was definitely memorable.  I’ll even go as far as to say that it beats the previous favorite “Dan’s”.

The cheese is cooked right into the center of the beef.  It’s like a cheese volcano.  It’s ridiculous.  The bun was not too big.  That’s the sign of a great burger in my opinion.  If the bun is the size of a football, it’s shit.  Also, the fries stand out (chili powder flavoring), the onion rings stand out (perfect size, beer battered, they do NOT fall apart), and according to Worm, the mac and cheese is way above average.

HIGHLY recommended.  Check it out.  You’ll thank me